Santorini Car Rental by Halaris

mini cooper santorini car rental

The best way to know our lovely island is to rent a car in Santorini. Either you visit Santorini for your holidays or for business we offer the best Santorini car rental deals. Even if you visit Santorini for a few hours we provide top quality Santorini car hire services and the best possible prices. We deliver in Santorini port, Santorini airport or in any place in Santorini the rental car that suits your needs. We have a big  fleet of all kind of cars. You can choose a cabrio car, or a SUV,  a minibus or a family car. Also we have small cars, medium cars, sedan etc. All our cars are in perfect conditon and totally safe. We aim to provide fast, easy & economy Santorini car rental services.

Get the Best Santorini Car Hire Deals.

  • Economy Santorini Car Rental Bookings

    For more than twenty years we provide the most reliable & economy Santorini car rental bookings. With us you can be absolutely sure.

  • Secure Santorini Car hire Booking System

    We have developed a secure Santorini car hire booking system. Also our Online booking system is secured with SSL certificate. Safety first.

  • Hassle free Santorini Car Rental Bookings

    You can book online your rent a car in Santorini very fast and very easy. Our Santorini Car hire system has been designed for hassle free online bookings.

Reasons to choose our Santorini Car Rental Services

Free baby & child seats with
every car rental in Santorini

Safety is our top priority and thats why we offer free baby & child seats. Yes with every Santorini car rental we offer free baby & seats. In step three of our booking systems you can choose free of charge the seats that you need.

Free car rental delivery
all over Santorini island

We always want to offer more. Therefore when the car rental duration is at least two days we offer free delivery all over Santorini island. If the rental duration is less than two days then for some location there is a small extra charge.

Free unlimited Kms with
every Santorini Car hire

Santorini is a unique and beautiful island. There are so many places to explore in order to get the most of it. Therefore we offer free unlimited kilometers with every Santorini car hire. Feel free and drive with safety. Enjoy Santorini !!!

Rent a car in Santorini with
Free cancelation

With us you can be always sure. You can rent a car in Santorini with no worries. You can book online your car and cancel your reservation free of charge, up to 5 days before the required pick up day. After that period the deposit is no longer refundable

Car hire in Santorini with
full insurance (FDW – 0 Excess)

We offer Santorini car hire with optional full insurance. In step 3 of our booking system you can choose (if you like) with a small extra cost to purchase FDW (fulll insurance with zero excess). Our prices include third part insurance and personal accident insurance.

Santorini car rental with
Free additional drivers

Our low Santrorini car rental prices also include free additional driver. With us you can rent a car in Santorini and have free extra drivers. In step 3 of our booking system, free of charge, you can choose your extra drivers. We offer quality Santorni car hire services.

Santorini Car Rental Locations

Car Rental in Santorini Airport

You can choose to pick up your rental car in any place in Santorini. If you wish you can choose car rental in Santorini airport. This way you will pick up your rental car in Santorini airport. We will be waiting for you in the arrivals and we will deliver your choosen car in excellent condition. If you wish to rent a car in Santorini airport we guarantee the best prices and the best service. We offer the best Santorini airport car rental Deals.

Car Rental in Santorini Port
New Port & Old Port

If you visit Santorini by boat you can choose car rental in Santorini port. If you choose Santorini New Port, known as Athinios port we will meet you up in the new port and we deliver your car in Santorini port. In the sase that you will choose the old port – cruise ship port we will meet you in the top of cable car. If you seek to rent a car in Santorini port we have the best prices and the best service. We offer the best Santorini port car rental deals.

Car Rental Fira Santorini
(all hotels in Santorini)

If you like we can deliver your car directly in your hotel with no extra charges. In the booking form choose “your hotel” and we will deliver for free your rental car in your hotel. Free delivery services in all hotels all over Santorini. Also we have the best prices for Fira Santorini car rental services and not only….. Therefore we also offer the best car rental Oia Santorini deals. Best deals for car rental Fira Santorini and for Car rental Oia Santorini.

rent a car in santorini tips

If you seek to
rent a car in Santorini
please read
what you need
to check and
to keep in mind

Check the kind of the insurance that is included in the rental price. Also check the cost of the extra insurance that you might have to pay in order to be covered. Finally always check the excess amount of the “full” insurance (CDW or FDW) that is offered. We offer Santorini car rental with full insurance and zero excess.

Check what is included in the rental price. You need to be very carefull for possible hidden costs. You may see a low rental price but what is actually included in this price. The final price that you will have to pay in some cases can be much higher. This can happen because you might have to pay extra fro delivery services, kms, extra driver etc. We offer rent a car in Santorini with no hidden costs.

Check the price of the extra that you may need for your Santorini car hire. Check if the rental price includes unlimited Kms or not. Also check if you have to pay extra for additionla drivers or child seats. Our Santorini car rental prices include, unlimited Kms, free additional drivers, free child seats and many more free amenities.

Finally remember to check the cancelation policy. Also is very important to check if the Santorini car rental company that you prefer requires to hold an amount from your credit card as warranty. A lot of companies do that.  We offer Santorini car hire services without holding any amount from your credit card and also we have free cancelation up to 5 days before the pick up day.